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Quota Golf has been around for a long time and was initially called Stableford for over 100 years. Golf Groups worldwide have used this system to track league play. The PGA used the system aside from Stroke Play for the top players in the world at the Barracuda Championship since 1999. This site, QuotaGolf, has been on-line since 1999 and can be easily modified and used by any Golf Group. This system offers competitive Golf Groups an intuitive information package of tools to run their game quickly and efficiently. We provide recommendations for basic golf rules with scoring and payout results depending on the money in the game and the number of players.  This is done with a hybrid system using Excel or Google Spreadsheets with instructions on how to interface with Google Documents and or free SignUpGenious for future game sign-ups. Scorecards can also be created to import players for each game. The Results with auto (handicap) adjustment to Quota Points (needs) for the next round. Using this QuotaGolf System eliminates telephone and e-mail Sign-Ups, eliminates the need for a USGA Handicap System for groups, and streamlines the system for Game Coordinators. Get started by going directly to PDF Downloads on sidebar to order your package. If you want help to set your group up, go to Option One and self-install or Option 2, and get help to install. The best part of this QuotaGolf System is, once set up there is no continuing cost involved unless you want to be a registered Member of QuotaGolf Groups.  $25.00 a year for the latest Monthly Newsletter, Newest Templates, and information of future tournaments.


The QuotaGolf.com / Net was created in 1999 by a local group of golfers in Largo, FL. The system has been adapted by many Golf Groups over the last 3 decades. The Sleepers Golf Group of Largo FL was the 1st to perfect and use this on-line system using a Laptop Computer for quickness in scoring, Payouts and record keeping using a combination of Google Documents and Spreadsheets.

The original Sleepers Golf Group from Spillane County FL 1998

Future Goals of Quota Golf

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