Custom Payments For Services
Offering total Setup for your Quota Game.
Let us know about the number of players and how often you play and we will give you a quote and send you a sample. E-mail info to

To make payment for Services Rendered please click on Buy Now PayPal link below.

This service is handled by LovedOnes Inc. for .
You may use you PayPal account or Direct Credit Card to pay once we give you the Quote
1. Game Log in Template on-line (just pick up the sign-up and make up the game parings.
2. Spread Sheet to track games and Quota's Member Roster. Excel of Google Sheets
3. Samples of Rules of Game and how to manage games.
Typical Setup cost 150.00 + $15.00 a month for Data Cloud Secure Storage
If you want to make up your own just send $35.00 and we will E-mail you a Sample that you can clone.