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Why was this started? Because we needed stress relief from the toils of our computer-related endeavors. Therefore, many of our employees and associates took up the game.  This is not to say that golf is not stressful, but the outdoor experience and exercise of trying to kill the ball was a good way for our group to refocus and exercise the body and brain without going Postal.....

Our system was a way to qualify new players rapidly and adjust quickly to improving or descending players' abilities. The USGA System takes way too long for adjustment using best 8 games out of 20 games. Meanwhile and a ton of money can be lost to a Sandbagger. The QuotaGolf System eliminates Sandbaggers completely and adjust quota needs after each game and averages the last 5 games.

After most outings, we were able to return to our Jobs with new vigor (unless we got stuck at the 19th hole reliving the day's game).
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