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Easy way to set up your Best Quota Game in Town. We will custom set up your secure group Spreadsheets with Member Log in and initial Game History Data (handicaps converted to quota points) and include a detailed instructions to manage the Quota Golf game. Currently our site offers a Sample Package that you can clone yourself or we will do it for you. The sample package has a spreadsheet with members information, ongoing game history and instructions on how to create the free on-line auto sign-up using Google docs or SignUpGenious. Members will sign-up Online eliminating direct calls and e-mails for Coordinator management. Go to the PDF Downloads or Custom Services Payment for more information. Also more links on sidebar menu.


The QuotaGolf.com was created 2007 by a local group, The Sleepers in Largo, Florida. This system and has proven out with thousands of golf group world wide for the last 30 years by-passing the USGA GHIN system. The Sleepers Golf Group perfected an on-line system using a Laptop Computer for quickness in scoring and record keeping with links to Google Documents for Sigh-up sheets and records. We purchased QuotaGolf.com .net .org years ago and now making it available for individual and club groups. The scoring is quick adjusting unlike GHIN and Sandbag Proof.

Future Goals of Quota Golf

This Domain Name "QuotaGolf.com, Net and Org is a business opportunity or perfect add on for existing Golf Management operation. Advertisers will certainly offer extra special deals if we can build a strong base of golf groups and their members. A strong base of Golf Equipment / Clothing Advertising will be of special intrest to all quotagolf players and game managers. Contact Tom at Pro@QuotaGolf.com for more information. Owned and Operated by LovedOnes Inc. Florida Corp.

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