Quota Golf

QuotaGolf is the easiest and fastest way to set up a golf group.  It is very fair and fast adjusting handicap system that prevents player creating a engineered advantage.  In other-words it has safeguards built into the system to prevent sandbaggers unlike the usual USGA handicap systems.  The system works for players of all skills and spreads the winnings over a wide area of scenarios that can be custom designed depending on the groups game budget.  The difficulty of course and tees used does not matter in most cases using this system. 
Call for more information about this domain. Available for Sale or Joint Venture.
Includes .net .com .org Tom Twitty 727 421-1360 Asking $50 Grand.

Quota System Scoring Works Like This
Points are given for Bogies or better.  Usually as follows

0 Points for double bogie or more
1 Point for Bogie
2 Points for Par
3 Points for Birdie
4 Points for Eagle
5 Points for Double Eagle or Hole in One

72 Hole course at par golf is 36 points
72 hole course at Bogie golf is 18 points.

We will e-mail you a full details and Management Spread Sheet for small fee. Go to Contact link to request this information.


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